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Derek Green is the author of the book NEW WORLD ORDER, a collection of 11 stories set in various countries around the world.  His fiction and non-fiction have been anthologized in BETWEEN SONG AND STORY and KEEPING THE WOLVES AT BAY.  All titles are available from Autumn House Press.  

New World Order: Stories


In this collection of richly varied stories, Derek Green takes readers on a tour of the world as America's military-industrial complex reels into a new century. Written with grace, masterful precision and brutal honesty, New World Order shows us characters stripped of the familiar and forced to face the world on its own terms.


With exotic settings, sharply rendered characters and quick-moving plots, New World Order announces the arrival of a powerful literary voice, and places Derek Green in the tradition of such worldly writers as Graham Greene, Paul Bowles and Robert Stone.

Between Song and Story: Essays for the Twenty-first Century


Between Song and Story celebrates the contemporary essay's capacity to live between the two worlds of lyric and narrative. Designed for use in any writing course focusing on the craft of the essay, the anthology includes healthy selections of lyric and formally adventurous essays, as well as those focused on nature and travel writing, and more nuanced explorations of place. This anthology tells a rich story about the wealth of experimentation and diversity of approaches to the essay in the twenty-first century. Readers will be engaged and surprised. Edited by Sheryl St Germain and Margaret Whitford.

Keeping the Wolves at Bay: Stories by Emerging American Writers


This anthology celebrates the boundless imagination and energy of the contemporary short story. The narrative premises are varied, always original. They sweep the grand landscape of an ever-changing world like the trio of expatriates negotiating the perplexing foreignness of the world in which they work in Derek Green's Samba. The stories also focus on under-represented voices such as the young woman from California who is asked by her employers to maintain the quality of life of their dead golden retriever. Keeping the Wolves at Bay reminds us that reading stories is an affirmation that life, no matter how difficult, is always fascinating. Edited by Sharon Dilworth.


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