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Derek Green writes in a wide range of genres. His main interest is fiction—both the short story and the novel—but he has also worked professionally as a screenwriter, feature journalist, and business writer. In addition to his writing, Derek is a skilled public speaker who has delivered hundreds of corporate presentations and seminars in both English and Spanish.  


His first book, NEW WORLD ORDER, is a collection of stories linked by a fictional Halliburtonesque company and set in various locations around the world. In writing it, he drew on experiences traveling through twenty-two countries on six continents. After the book appeared, he cowrote the screenplay adaptation of a novel for Warner Bros. Studios and Carousel Productions as well as several television pilots. He is currently completing a novel about the rise of an armed midwestern militia and a second collection of stories.


A member of the PEN American Center and the Writer's Guild of America East, Derek teaches writing at Yale University and lives in Connecticut with his wife and two sons. 

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